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WildViewTaiwan Film Festival to Arrive at Taipei Confucius Temple

WildViewTaiwan Film Festival to Arrive at Taipei Confucius Temple

Taipei Confucius Temple is collaborating with WildViewTaiwan to hold the “WildViewTaiwan Film Festival” at the 4D Theater starting September 9.

Environmental issues have been a major concern of Confucianism. Such concepts can be seen in the writings of one of the greatest Chinese sages – Mencius -- who warned of the negative impact to be brought by environmental damage as early as 2,000 years ago. To echo the Confucian thought of heaven and humanity, the film festival seeks to raise awareness on the importance of sustainability and environmental ethics.

Dubbed the “Green Oscars,” this year’s WildViewTaiwan Film Festival will present a total of 16 movies about nature and wildlife. The movies are selected from award-winning works in the UK-based “Wildscreen Festival” – a prestigious international festival celebrating the world’s nature films.

Taipei Confucius Temple will air a movie on 10 AM and 2 PM, respectively, on Saturday between September 9 and October 28. The screenings will be followed by seminars on related topics featuring film introductions, unique perspectives, and interaction between the audience and online celebrities, literary critics, and ecologists.

The 4D Theater, with a capacity of 94 seats, offers free admission for the film screenings. To receive the latest information about the film festival, visit the Chinese website of Taipei Confucius Temple at or its Facebook fan page

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