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City Signs MOU with CEMS to Boost Emergency Response Capabilities

City Signs MOU with CEMS to Boost Emergency Response Capabilities

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the inauguration ceremony of Taipei Medical University’s Center for Education in Medical Simulation (CEMS) of on May 17.

During his address, Ko noted that CEMS is the second in Asia to receive global recognition in healthcare simulation. He hopes that collaboration with the institution will help the City develop better preparedness in emergency medical services.

According to Ko, CEMS integrates educational resources with simulation sessions, allowing medical staff from multiple disciplines to engage in group training. The platform provides a rare opportunity for doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists to hone their skills in crisis management situations.

The mayor made a case for the City’s emergency medical technicians from the Fire Department to improve their techniques – the members had not been able to access special training until 1999. Statistics indicated that Taipei saw more than 100 Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) patients rescued in 2015 and 2016 combined.

To deliver better performance in emergency medical services, the Fire Department has inked an MOU with Taipei Medical University to pave the way for future cooperation. With assistance from the university through teaching support, the City’s emergency response teams aim to increase the survival rates of OHCA patients.

As a doctor, the mayor also tried his hands at the XVR simulation system – virtual-reality training software designed to provide on-scene command officers with immersive experience in the face of emergency incidents. Scenarios can be selected and adjusted for the purpose of training, such as the number of people with burn injuries, the extent of the burn wounds, the scale of the patients, and even the settings of simulated operations. The results can be used to assess professional competency of trainees and the efficiency regarding his or her deployment of available resources.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government