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Mayor Ko Presides over Section Contracts CQ840 and 850A Ground-breaking Ceremony--the Taipei City Section of Wanda Line Construction Launches

Taipei Mayor Ko presided over section contracts CQ840 and 850A joint ground-breaking ceremony on February 12, 2017, he remarked that the launch of CQ840 and 850A construction signified that the construction of the Taipei City section of the Wanda line launched. Taipei City Government is actively engaged in the urban renewal plan of which the Zhongzheng Wanhua Regeneration Project is the focus of the revitalization of west district, and the Wanda line's construction is the trigger of the Zhongzheng Wanhua Regeneration Project. In line with the land development in the surroundings, the Wanda line will boost the old district redevelopment, and revitalize its glamour.

Mayor Ko said that the Wanda line goes through the Zhongzheng and Wanhua districts which are the two earlier development areas in Taipei. Though the construction environment will be tough, he has confidence in the competent authority--Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) that will overcome all difficulties and have the Wanda line completed satisfactorily as scheduled. He also emphasized safety will be the highest quality and insisted on the importance of traffic maintenance, in order to complete a quality construction.

The Mayor said that the construction will take eight years. In addition to construction, the construction authority will implement traffic direction, maintain good relations with residents along the line, appreciate their understanding and support for causing inconvenience during the construction. It is anticipated that the construction will proceed smoothly so as to provide the public with a better MRT service. The construction of the Wanda line's Taipei City section is overseen by DORTS' South District Project Office, and will be carried out by the Continental Engineering Corp. The joint ground-breaking ceremony for section contracts CQ840 and 850A was held on the morning of February 12, 2017 at Dongyuan Elementary School. Chairperson of CEC, Ms. Yin Chi and distinguished guests were invited to participate in the launch event.

DORTS stated that the MRT Wanda line will be implemented in two phases. Phase I, 9.5-km underground construction includes 3.8 km Taipei City section, 5.7 km New Taipei City section, nine stations and one depot. The 13.3 km of routes for Phase II are all located in New Taipei City, with two underground stations and 11 elevated stations. The Wanda line's Taipei City section starts from Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station, then goes west along Nanhai Road, crosses Heping West Road to meet Xizang Road, then turns left to Wanda Road, and runs left in front of Huazhong Bridge to cross the Xindian Creek. In the vicinity of Roosevelt Road Section 1, station LG01 is to be established beneath Nanhai Road, while station LG02 will be constructed beneath Nanhai Road, between Taiwan Forestry Research Institute and Taipei Mandarin Experimental Elementary School; station LG03 will be located beneath Xizang Road between Huian Street and Zhonghua Road Section 2, and station LG04 is to be located beneath Wanda Road between Dongyuan Street and Changtai Street.

DORTS explained that the construction will face many challenges: narrow roads, dense residential areas, complicated pipes and ducts, passing beneath the Xindian Creek, a small turning radius, encountering with fossil river course, huge drainage culvert, archeology and cultural relics rescue. The Wanda line runs through Nanhai, Xizang and Wanda roads, all of which have road width of less than 30 meters; therefore the installation of construction fences and draw-up of traffic maintenance plan are major challenges. In narrow and dense residential areas, such as the 16.36-m-wide Nanhai Road, in order to enforce protective construction, diaphragm wall will be installed in spaces of only 30 cm between residential houses and almost close to underground structures. As for the pipelines, other than densely distributed water, electricity, gas pipes, and telecommunication cables, station LG02 also supplies water for 500 thousand users in Wanhua, Sanchong, Xinzhuang, Wugu areas, and a 165-cm-diameter water main pipe, and 161KV and 69 KV ultra-high voltage pipes are installed underground.

Between station LG04 and station LG05, the line passes beneath Xindian Creek, the river-crossing tunnel, the river bed is 25 meter deep (approximately the height of 8-storey building). Station LG03 is located beneath Xizang Road, and before the road bed was a fossil river bed. It then developed into the 25-m-wide, and 15-m-deep No. 3 Drainage Ditch, then filled up as Xizang Road. Now, there are two 5m x 3.1m drainage culverts above the station. Drainage culverts and fossil river course are both difficult to excavate. Furthermore, between station LG03 and station LG04, the line runs from Xiang Road to Wanda Road, and has a small turning radius, which is a big challenge for the shield construction. In addition, station LG02 is located at the middle of the ruins of Botanical Garden. It will take 44 months to carry out manual archeological excavation before the main structure can be built.

Another feature of the Wanda line construction, apart from station LG01, is that all stations are adjacent to elementary schools, parts of school land use, or involved with integrated construction. Station LG02 is close to Taipei Mandarin Experimental Elementary School, station LG03 is close to Zhongyi Elementary School, and station LG04 is close to Dongyuan Elementary School. During the construction, to prevent from interfering school teaching program and to ensure students’ safety, volunteers will be assigned to help with traffic direction.

DORTS emphasized that Taipei MRT will provide convenient and comfortable transportation services, trigger urban renewal, and remold the regeneration of living culture--all of this is obvious to the public. It is anticipated that the Wanda line will promote the transportation convenience, enhance living functionality, and upgrade living quality. The MRT integrated land development along the Wanda line will also boost regional regeneration and development.

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  • Source: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government