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Mayor Ko: AMRT Ushers in Taipei-Taoyuan Life Circle

Mayor Ko: AMRT Ushers in Taipei-Taoyuan Life Circle

Mayor Ko Wen-je joined his Taoyuan counterpart Cheng Wen-tsan in taking a ride on Taoyuan International Airport MRT (AMRT) from Taipei Main Station to Airport Terminal 2 Station on February 15. Currently operating on trial basis, the new mass rapid transit line will begin official operations on March 2.

Ko noted that the inauguration of the AMRT marks a milestone for the capital circle by extending the mass transit network to Taoyuan. The launch of the service also makes the relocation of Taipei Songshan Airport even more relevant. Taipei and Taoyuan will work to solicit support from Executive Yuan, urging the central government to coordinate implementation of the project.

Regarding the ride, Ko described the trip as smooth and cozy with excellent quality. Cheng echoed his words by speaking highly of the ride, adding that free rides will be available starting February 16. He is confident that AMRT will achieve set targets.

Concerning amenities on the trains, Ko told the media that he found the power sockets a considerate design. He also praised the free WIFI access’s good connection, reckoning that he has asked Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation to provide WIFI onboard MRT trains by the end of the year.

Ko also assured passengers of the convenience of the baggage check-in service, noting that AMRT staff will be stationed at the counter to assist passengers with the self-help service during the first few months following AMRT’s official launch.

Speaking of suggestions for AMRT, Ko advised Cheng that the two municipalities should establish a joint task force dedicated to handling issues that might arise when the new line enters official operations, to ensure facilitated response to any possible situations. He also made a case for increasing the capacity of the AMRT, from coping with 2,500 riders a day currently to at least 10 million riders a year.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government