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City Strengthens Preventive Measures against H5N6

City Strengthens Preventive Measures against H5N6

In light of the report of H5N6 strand of bird flu from the carcasses of goslings in Hualian on February 5 and infected ducks at a slaughterhouse in Yilan on February 6, the Agriculture Council Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine of the Executive Yuan established a first-level Emergency Operation Center on February 12 and announced the ban on the transportation of poultry out of Hualian County. Additional measures to monitor the conditions along a 3-kilometer radius of the location of the incident are also in place.

The Animal Protection Office (APO) noted that Taipei City Government has already adopted strengthened measures on bird flu prevention since the start of the winter season, including visits to 25 poultry farms in Taipei. Other measures adopted by the APO include the following:

(1) Conduct policy and measure promotion to poultry farmers and provide facilities such as fencing to keep out birds, aprons, disinfectants, and disinfectant mattresses.
(2) Monitor poultry markets and keeping track of poultry death and slaughter numbers. Any case of abnormality or report by vets will trigger disease prevention response from the agency.
(3) Visit pet shops on a frequent basis to track origins of birds, discouraging businesses from importing avians from epidemic areas to minimize chance of contagion.

In 2017, the agency has collected random samples at poultry farms, pet shops, and parks. All the samples yielded negative bird flu results. APO will continue to monitor these facilities and react to the epidemic immediately if spotted.

According to APO, cases of H5N6 were reported in Korea and Japan during the latter part of 2016. Prices of egg skyrocketed in Korea, while Ueno Park in Japan was closed for 3 days to carry out thorough disinfection. The virus was also responsible for 16 people being infected and 11 deaths in China.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government