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Taipei Lantern Festival Artworks to Get Additional Display Opportunities

Taipei Lantern Festival Artworks to Get Additional Display Opportunities

With the conclusion of the 2017 Taipei Lantern Festival on February 12, the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) announced that some of the lanterns displayed the well-received event will see new life after being relocated to other venues.

According to TPEDOIT Commissioner Chien Yu-yen, the agency will take into consideration the opinions of the exhibition designers and the appropriateness of placing the artworks at planned venues before determining the fate of the lanterns.

The lighting display at the Nishi Honggan-ji Temple square, located at the intersection of Zhonghua Road Section 1 and Changsha Street, is sure to stay as the artwork exudes a “sense of place” in addition to reflecting the site’s rich historical significance.

Inspired by Ximending’s pop culture, the main lantern—Wonder Chick—is expected to find a new home at the West District. Chien noted that mechanical issues need to be sorted out first before a suitable place could be found for the lantern.

As for the theme lantern “Home” exhibited at the Red Egg Area, the city government has decided to return it to its birthplace—To Go Art Museum in Tainan. The “house” structure, created by artist Yang Shi-yi in Tainan, was disassembled and transported to Taipei for the festival. Its homecoming signifies the bond established between the two municipalities, Chien reckoned.

A number of lanterns and floats which took part in the parade will embark on an exhibition tour, including the “Formosan Blue Magpie Cart” (which will appear in the host city of this year’s Taiwan Lantern Festival Yunlin) and the “Five Virtues Roosters” by lantern master Chen Zu-rong, which will be showcased in Japan.

In addition, the much-adored, eight-meter tall Matsu float and laser lighting displays will be spotlighted at future exhibitions or festivals, according to the city government’s plans.

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  • Updated: 2017/2/13 17:40
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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government