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City News

Taipei eBus Offers Quick, Easy Access to Bus Info

Taipei eBus Offers Quick, Easy Access to Bus Info

The Public Transportation Office (PTO) invites the public to take advantage of the city’s bus service website “Taipei eBus” ( which was launched on November 25, 2015.

According to PTO, buses operating across Taipei and New Taipei offer residents of Greater Taipei area an important means of transportation. In light of this, the governments of both municipalities joined hands to integrate existing bus information systems with the new platform, allowing users access to the information of bus routes.

Taipei eBus boasts three main features: real-time info, transfer info, and route maps. Users will be able to look up the arrival time of selected buses via routes or stops. To search transfer options, simply input your location and destination (for example: bus stops, landmarks, addresses, or road intersections) to find the results. Users can also look for bus routes and bus stops displayed in map formats.

In addition, the website also provides the latest updates on transportation issues in Taipei or New Taipei, as well as links to other public transportation such as Taipei MRT, Taipei Railways Administration, and Taiwan High Speed Rail.

PTO noted that the website adopts a user-friendly interface which automatically adjusts display formats to accommodate the layouts of computers, mobile phones, or tablets. The public are invited to visit Taipei eBus to take advantage of the Greater Taipei’s bus service.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government