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Taiwanese Police Highly Praised by Korean Tourists

Taiwanese Police Highly Praised by Korean Tourists

Published by TCPD

On January 2017, a couple of South Korean female tourists were molested by a taxi driver during their independent tour in Taiwan, ruining the good impression that Taiwan has had on Korean tourists. To re-kindle Korean tourists’ interest in visiting Taiwan, the Wanhua Police Precinct introduced the activities and purpose of the Taipei Lantern Festival in the Ximending area to Korean visitors on Feb 4th, in order to let them have a better knowledge of Taiwan’s culture.

On Feb 4th, at 4:00pm, two female Korean visitors on their first trip to Taiwan were very excited to see tens of thousands of people participate in the Lantern Festival activities. They were curious about what was happening and asked the officer standing nearby, who happened to be the Chief of Wanhua Police Precinct, Wen Chih Chen (陳文智) . With the help of an interpreter, Chief Chen illustrated the 2017 Taipei Lantern Festival activities, and he introduced the Korean visitors to the “Benedict,” which is this year’s main lantern, the lanterns that impersonated Matsu, a Chinese version of Guardian Angel, as well as her two aides who can defeat demons and protect good people, showing those two young Korean girls the culture behind the Lantern Festival. Then the two Korean ladies complimented the Chief on his kindness and chanted in Chinese “The Taiwanese Police are awesome! The Taiwanese Police are awesome!” Later, Chief Chen told them about Taiwan’s good public safety and that it is safe to travel in Taiwan. The two Korean ladies said they just arrived in Taiwan and took a taxi to Taipei. They found that the taxi driver had very good service and manners. Also they were very impressed by the friendly police officers. They were very happy because Taiwan is the best destination for tourism and Taiwanese are hospitable, making their journey memorable. In the end, Chief Chen sent two police figurines as a gift to the Korean ladies and treated them to Ay-Chung paste noodles. These two tourists were well impressed and said that they will come back to Taiwan for sightseeing again.

To elevate good relationships with other countries requires the collective efforts of all citizens. This time the police did a great job in promoting Taiwan’s tourism by taking care of Korean visitors and wining their lavish praise.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government