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Mayor Visits Staff at City’s Secondary Administration Center

Mayor Visits Staff at City’s Secondary Administration Center

On February 7, Mayor Ko Wen-je arrived at Taipei City Secondary Administration Center in Wanhua District to offer his New Year’s greetings to the staff stationed at the facility.

In addition to sending his well-wishes, Ko also attended a briefing by the Department of Finance and inspected the status of the facility’s utilization. He remarked that the center houses an excellent civic activity center and a highly-anticipated women’s center, making the building a milestone for promoting urban renewal programs in the historical district.

Commissioner of Finance Chen Chih-ming reported that the twin tower of TRA Wanhua Railway Station is a major highlight of the “Zhongzheng-Wanhua Revitalization Project.” The project will create a twin-tower complex on the location of the existing railway station: the plot “Jiao 1,” consisting of a 26-story tower, will comprise a bus terminal and a hotel facility with 750 guest rooms; “Jiao 2” will become an office building with 16 floors, where floors 3 through 11 will house city government agencies including the local district office, Department of Social Welfare (DSW), Taipei City Hospital, and Department of Labor (DOL); and a parking garage will be constructed on “Jiao 3” providing 700 parking spaces. There will also be a sky bridge connecting the buildings of “Jiao 1” and “Jiao 2.”

According to Chen, the Wanhua District Office will establish the Fufu District Civic Center on the third floor of the Secondary Administration Center. The facility will provide local residents, borough offices, and community development associations a place for speeches, classes, and exhibitions. DSW is also planning on opening a women’s center on the third floor, offering female residents a place for leisure, recreation, and other personal or group activities. DOL also set up a new employment service center in the building to replace the recently closed center on Chengde Road. An office, conference room, and community health kitchen under Taipei City Hospital are located on floor 9 through 11.

The mayor stopped by each of the offices and handed out ‘prosperity money’ to all the staff, wishing them a happy New Year.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government