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Taipei Ushers in Flower Season

Taipei Ushers in Flower Season

To herald the flower season, the City is kicking-off the camellia exhibition at Taipei Floriculture Experiment Center (TFEC) on February 8. The event will be followed by the start of the Yangmingshan Flower Festival on February 10.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Yangmingshan boasts a vast selection of sites for lovebirds to spend time with each other, be it the “camellia tunnel” at TFEC, the fountain at Yangming Park, or the nighttime lighting show spotlighting cherry blossom trees.

According to Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) Director Huang Li-yuan, TFEC has been devoted to the cultivation and research of camellias since 1949. The camellia shrubs in the center, most of them being over 40 years old, come to full bloom between November and April. The facility holds arguably the largest camellia exhibitions on the island, showcasing over 8,000 strands of flowers spanning 500 varieties.

Camellia enthusiasts should not miss out on the opportunity to visit the 12-day exhibition, which features rarely seen bonsais from both Chinese Camellia Association and Shuangxi Camellia Village in New Taipei.

Next up will be the Yangmingshan Flower Festival, lasting from February 10 through March 19. The grand opening ceremony will spotlight events such as dance and music performances by indigenous people, Chinese orchestra, cheerleading, street dance, martial arts, Facebook ‘like’ activities, and others.

An area boasting numerous cherry blossom trees near the fountain at Yangming Park will be lit between 6 PM and 9 PM to bring luminous night views of the flowers to visitors.

In addition to flower viewing, PSLO also invites the public to sign up for eco and cultural tours to learn more about the history of Taipei Floriculture Experiment Center and Yangmingshan American Military Housing. To register, please visit the official website of Yangmingshan Flower Festival (Chinese).

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government