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Beitou Street Lights Add Sakura, Hot Spring as Symbols

As an important arterial thoroughfare of Beitou District, Daye Road is the route which many drivers have to take in order to reach the neighborhood known for its cherry blossom trees and hot springs.
To highlight these local traits, the Public Works Department’s Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) incorporated these elements into the street lights installed along the road, allowing the illumination to shed light through opening resembling sakura petals in the night.
According the PSLO, the southern tip of Daye Road connects Chengde Road Section 7 and Zhoumei Expressway, making the road an important “entryway” of Beitou. Through the improvement on street illumination, the nighttime road safety is greatly enhanced while demonstrating local characteristics to visitors and locals alike. The central traffic island is also populated with bead trees and shrubs.
Local borough chiefs also expressed their support and satisfaction regarding the installation of the lights for the purpose of enhancing the image of Beitou District and its profile. Chief Chou of Fengnian Borough remarked that cherry blossom is the district flower of Beitou. The highlight of elements such as cherry blossom and hot spring on the street lights shows the emphasis of the city government on local tourism.
Chief Yang at PSLO reported that a total of 41 dual-lamp street lights will be installed along Daye Road – from Sanhe Street intersection to Zhonghe Street intersection. These street lights employ 20,000 lumen LED lights which provide a good balance between illumination needs and future maintenance.