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Taipei Kids Soccer Tournament to Kick-off This Weekend

The annual Taipei Kids Soccer Tournament plays an important role in promoting the sports to young kids, encouraging them to pick up the habit of exercising at an early age.
This year, the event will take place at Daonan Soccer Field this weekend, from May 20 through 21. A total of 144 teams will be competing against each other for the golden cup.
Participants of the tournament are all kindergarten students. The teams, consisting of 7 players each, will be competing in 4 different divisions: nursery group, lower kindergarten, higher kindergarten, and cross-kindergarten.
During the press conference on May 18, the organizers invited soccer celebrity Chuang Chia-wei to instruct the young players on more complicated soccer maneuvers. Bravo, the mascot of the 2017 Summer Universiade, also volunteered to be the goal keeper to block the shots.
This year, the opening ceremony will feature a special appearance of Peppa Pig, who is also the spokesperson for the tournament. According to the Department of Sports, the venue of the games Daonan Soccer Field is located near the Taipei Zoo, offering convenient transportation.