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Mayor Shares Vision on Taipei’s Future Transportation Network

During the city government meeting on traffic and transportation on September 29, Mayor Ko Wen-je presented the awards to bus operators receiving high marks in the Taipei Joint Bus Operation Evaluation. He also noted that the emphasis for traffic-related objectives for the City in the coming year will be transportation fare rate and bus network adjustments.
Ko pointed out that the three goals to further implement through the City’s public transportation network include: sharing, green energy, and digitization. He also set a 6-month deadline for deciding upon the rates for various transportation fares. At this point, there will be a complete overhaul of the bus network.
Once the implementation of the Taipei Metro Bus lines have been completed, the City will call a meeting with bus operators to go over the details of adjustments for the remaining routes. The talks will be conducted on the basis of guaranteeing the current earnings for involved companies. After the routes adjustment, the public will be more accepting of the concept of last-mile “transfer buses.”
According to the mayor, roughly 1.3 million people take the city bus each day. The implementation of the evaluation not only spotlights the City’s policies, but also ensures that companies with outstanding performances will be acknowledged. He noted that he takes the bus every week, noticing that the attitude of drivers is a lot friendlier nowadays.
The City receives over 2,200 letters praising bus drivers, while surveys indicate that over 90-percent of respondents approve their job performances.