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Mayor: Replacement of All Lead Water Pipes in Taipei Completed

Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over a press event announcing the completion of the City’s lead water pipes removal project on September 30. The last lead pipe to be replaced will be added to the permanent collection at the Taipei Water Museum.
During his address, the mayor noted that lead pipes had been deployed across Taipei since the end of the Japanese Colonial Era. The project to eradicate these pipes was expected to take up to 10 years to implement. However, it was completed in less than three years – even ahead of the rescheduled timetable.
Ko expressed his gratitude to Taipei City Council for its approval of relevant budgets and to Taipei Water Department, as well as to administrative district directors and borough chiefs for their support and coordination effort.
Asked by the media whether the mayor considered the removal of lead water pipes a major accomplishment for his administration, Ko reckoned that the pipes – having existed over 70 years -- may not concern the City’s residents, but it is the right thing to do for resolving an issue affecting people’s health.
The media also questioned the City’s maintenance measures for outdoor water fountains. Ko admitted that the upkeep of the facilities is more difficult than installing them. Remarking that the city government will instruct borough officials to clean the public amenities, the mayor believes Taipei should continue to accomplish its objective of installing water fountains in every park to help reduce reliance on plastic bottles.