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“The Last Painting”, Masterpiece of Art and Politics: An Interview by Taipei Broadcasting Station with Director Chen Hung-i

Director Chen Hung-i, who directed MayDay’s MV, won the Best Film Awards in the 10th Granada International Film Festival Cines del Sur as well as the Big Screen Award in the 46th International Film Festival Rotterdam with “The Last Painting”. In an interview with the “Civil Society Editors” program on Taipei Broadcasting Station on September 19, he said this movie discusses the living environment and social situation from the perspectives of creation and art market, linking political and art issues.
His past works were mainly commercial movies which have some restrictions. However, this movie dealing with politics and art required a strong portrayal of sex and emotion. According to Chen Hung-i, making sure the actors are at ease when filming is a very important task. He added, Taiwan has been through a lot in the past few years, and the movie is able to touch the hearts of the audience, making them sad or causing them to cry regarding the uncertainty of Taiwan’s future. However, as foreigners may not understand Taiwan society and political situation, this movie can give them some background information.
Chen Hung-i’s love of movies began during his senior high school days. He joined the audio-visual club when he entered National Taiwan University, laying a foundation for his future work. His works cover many areas, beginning from his early days of 8 mm short films to videos. After looking at the works of other schools, he was motivated to achieve a breakthrough in his works. He recalls that he used to carry his camera on the streets of Taipei to film social movements, reflecting his views of society at that time through videos. During the process, he was attacked by water canon on several occasions, which made him recognize the power of confrontation, and that all he could do was film and run. However, in order to capture the best emotion, he has to be on the frontline.
The experience of directing music videos has given Chen Hung-i a different perspective. He believes that a good MV helps to promote a song, and a good MV director will think of ways to blend great or strong images with music, even if it means taking some limelight away from the music. However, when you are purely listening to music, you have to take away the image, and appreciate the music wholeheartedly in front of the speaker. These are two different ways of appreciating music: one is pure music, and the other visual plus music.
The story of “The Last Painting” is based in National Taiwan University, and the situation during Chen Hung-i’s university days. It deals with whether he should pursue his dreams or decide what to do when faced with political and social reality. The answer is found in the “The Last Painting”. To listen to the interesting dialogue between the host of “Civil Society Editors”, Chang Tieh-chih, and the director of “The Last Painting”, Chen Hung-i, you can visit the station’s official website, www.radio.gov.taipei, or download iTAP App to your smart phone, and select “Taipei Broadcasting Station” to listen to the programs of the past 60 days. Do join Taipei Broadcasting Station’s Facebook fan club for more information about Taipei City Government and the station’s programs.
Taipei Broadcasting Station FM93.1
Program: Civil Society Editors – Dialogue with Chang Tieh-chih
Host: Chang Tieh-chih
Broadcast time: Tuesday 6 pm
Replay: http://goo.gl/jiMvQ3