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New Scenic Artworks Installed at MRT Yongchun, Houshanpi Stations

New Scenic Artworks Installed at MRT Yongchun, Houshanpi StationsIn an effort to incorporate the beauty of surrounding attractions into the MRT stations, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) has refurbished parts of the interior of MRT Yongchun and Houshanpi stations with elements of Yongchun Slope and Wetland Park and Houshanpi pond.
As the first MRT stations to undergo beautification efforts this year, the two stations added ecological factors in setting up the interior arts and deco pieces. For MRT Yongchun Station, the scops owl – the “spokesbird” for the wetland park in the vicinity – forms the main theme of the public artwork “Wetland Night Patrol.” The bird is surrounded by various green plants and animals, symbolizing the diverse ecosystem of the wetland.
On the other hand, MRT Houshanpi Station showcases the work “City Oasis” which transforms the station scene into the living room of one’s home. With a vast green landscape outside the room’s window, viewers can enjoy the relaxing site as they walk through the area after a day’s work, as they bask in the imagination of nature’s breeze.  
The creation of a public artwork may be challenging at times, since the 3-dimensional object itself must correspond accurately with those on the base map. Therefore, numerous adjustments and modifications have to be made throughout the process. Also, to ensure the uniqueness and ‘feel’ of the actual product, the artist even visits the factory to add their personal touch on the finished piece.
For more information, please call the TRTC 24-hour service hotline (TEL: 02-218-12345) or the 1999 Citizens Hotline. Details are also available on the company’s Chinese website (http://www.metro.taipei/).