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Drill Tests Disaster Prevention Park Setup Procedures for Daan District

The drill taking place at Daan Forest ParkThe Daan District Office conducted the 2020 Taipei City Daan District Disaster Prevention Park Establishment and Testing Activity at the Daan Forest Park on September 8.
The scenario involves a magnitude 6.6 earthquake hitting the island and Taipei being devastated by a magnitude 7.0 shock. The emergency response center of Daan District received instructions from the top to establish a disaster prevention park to take in evacuees.
The details tested during the drill include the setting up of emergency shelters, registration of evacuees with mobile phone app, logistics and supplies, animal sheltering, disaster prevention underground well, water acquisition station, religious and psychological counseling, shower facilities, emergency medical supplies, COVID transmission prevention procedures, and more.
The drill also provides an opportunity for staff across public and private sector to coordinate actions. Participants hail from units spanning fire, police, household registration, tax, and social welfare agencies, as well as from telecommunication business, earthquake insurance companies, Pumen Temple volunteers, and disaster prevention experts. Eight municipalities in northern Taiwan also dispatched observers to the event.
Daan District Director Lin Ming-kuan remarked that unlike the public sector, the energy and resources of the private sector are unlimited. Through the disaster prevention park drills, the district office hopes to incorporate the disaster prevention power of businesses and corporations, helping to implement disaster prevention preparatory works ahead of time and reduce potential casualties when disasters strike.