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Expo Hall Unveils Inclusive Playground for Kids

Expo Hall Unveils Inclusive Playground for KidsMayor Ko Wen-je inaugurated the “Expo Hall Inclusive Playground” at the Fine Arts Park Area of Taipei Expo Park on March 2. He also joined physically-challenged children in exploring the new facilities.
Having undergone a lengthy design process since February 2017 involving five workshops and more than ten meetings, the overhauled playground ensures that the opinions from all parties have been taken into account.
Adorned with butterfly and caterpillar motifs, kids play an important role in providing design ideas for the playground. The playground boasts amenities not seen anywhere on the island, including wheelchair swings, tactile maps for the visually-impaired, and others.
According to the mayor, a total of 431 Taipei’s parks are equipped with playgrounds. The city government embarked on establishing accessible playgrounds across the city, seeking to accommodate people with different needs and provide entertainment for all.
The mayor pointed out that an inclusive playground possesses three characteristics: participation, design, and inclusiveness. “Participation” means contributions of opinions from both experts and locals; “Design” suggests planning in the context of local culture and history; “Inclusiveness,” on the other hand, indicates that the amenities should cater to needs of individuals spanning newborns to 99-year-olds, as well as those with disabilities.    

Touting that Taiwan is brimming with design momentum, Ko believes a good way to nurture budding local designers is through enrolling them in public works projects like the inclusive playground. He added that the City aims to expand the number of such facilities from 17 to 31 by the end of 2019.