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Assistive Devices Service at Home Days to Be Held Once a Month

*Wanda Enterprise, Taiwan’s first social enterprise providing assistive device services run by people with physical and mental disabilities, formally opened on February 25 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and the announcement of Assistive Devices Service at Home Days to be held on the fourth Friday of every month. Elderly residents and residents with special needs can make an appointment with Wanda Enterprise for advice, inspection, maintenance, or repair of their wheelchairs or other assistive devices at their homes, neighborhoods or apartment buildings.
Most manufacturers of assistive devices sell their products without providing related services. The Taipei Foreign and Disabled Labor Office has commissioned Wanda Enterprise as a barrier-free social enterprise to provide comprehensive assistive device services, including rental, cleaning, disinfection, and advice—a rare offering in the assistive devices business. In his speech at the opening of Wanda Enterprise, Chen Kuo-chia, chairperson of Sunable Association for the Advancement of a Barrier-Free Society, underscored that the elderly and people with special needs also have fulfilling lives and assistive devices enhance their convenience, mobility, and quality of life both physically and socially.
Wanda Enterprise also has a mission to employ people with physical and mental disabilities. The special enterprise has four employees with special needs to provide its services spanning advice and rental, cleaning and disinfection, to adjustment and maintenance. This creates new careers for these staff members, who have been trained in Japan to operate, adjust, maintain, and repair a wide range of assistive devices. At the opening ceremony, the staff demonstrated disinfection and maintenance routines. Wanda Enterprise is using a variety of platforms to also reach out to senior citizens and people in long-term care that may need their services to improve their quality of life.
The Assistive Devices Service at Home Days are the first such service in Taiwan. Taipei residents are welcome to call Wanda Enterprise at (02) 2301-0238 to discuss their assistive and mobility needs, as well as possible solutions.