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Free Training Courses Launched For Taipei City Migrant Workers

Free Training Courses Launched Taipei City has launched free vocational training courses for international migrant workers from Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand to enrich vocational and language skills. The majority of migrant workers in Taipei consist of home care workers looking after senior citizens in their homes. Strengthening vocational and language skills will allow them to improve the quality of migrant workers’ care and work, thereby fostering good labor relations.

The free courses provided by Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office (FDLO) have already begun. Course offerings include Chinese language; diverse care; cooking and household chores; beauty and hairdressing classes. All the classes are held on Sundays, and participants will be able to make up for classes they have missed. Priority is given to foreign migrant workers working in Taiwan for the first time, but all migrant workers are welcome. The FDLO reminds employers to help their domestic care workers sign up for these lessons in order to help them adapt to living in Taiwan. For detailed course information and registration, please refer to the agency's website (https://is.gd/N4Ondl).

According to the FDLO, after working in Taiwan for numerous years, foreign care workers are at a loss about their future upon returning to their home country. The city's language, household chores and cooking, beauty and hairdressing classes endow them with skills that can be applied to everyday life. With training, they can not only improve the quality of care but also live independently in their home country with the skills they have acquired. Upon completion of the course, the students will showcase their achievements in an exhibition.

Contact details:
Chinese class: Tel. 02-23661368
Beauty and hairdressing class: Tel. 02-23751231 #16/17
Diverse care, cooking, and household chore class: Tel. 02-23751231 #16/17
Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office: 2338-1600#4206
Registration website: https://is.gd/N4Ondl