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The Taipei Sports Centers are offering weight-reducing courses to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

 The Taipei Sports Centers and Taipei Tennis Center will only be closed on February 15 and 16, and will be opened on February 17 from 8 AM to 4 PM, offering a series of courses with discount beginning from 150 dollars per class.

  1. The Taipei City Neihu Sports Center will offer a special price of 88 dollars for the usage of their swimming pool.
  2. The Taipei DaTong Sports Center will offer the usage of their gym without time restriction, while offering the usage of their swimming pool at a 50% discount.
  3. The Taipei Xin-Yi Sports Center is offering a special New Year red envelope to those who spend a minimum of 107 dollars in the swimming pool or gym. Also, they offer aerobic and Zumba classes at 168 dollars per class and offer each participant an experience voucher.
  4. The Taipei Tennis Center will offer free examination of INBODY for all customers.
  5. The Taipei Zhong-Shan Sports Center is offering aerobic, yoga, and freewheel classes at 150 dollars per class.
  6. The Taipei City Jhong Jheng Sports Center is offering TRX and muscle-building, fat-burning and archery classes at 188 dollars per class.
  7. The Taipei Ta-An Sports Center is offering experience classes such as Ritmix at 168 dollars per class, while the Nan-Gang Sports Center is offering a series of experience classes with special prices of 199 or 299 dollars per class.
     For further information, please check the respective websites or call customer Services.