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TCH Joins Hands with Okinawa Medical Association to Promote Community-based Healthcare

TCH Joins Hands with Okinawa Medical Association to Promote Community-based HealthcareTaipei City Hospital (TCH) inked a medical agreement with Okinawa Global Healthcare Association to strengthen cross-nation collaboration and promote community-based care.


The agreement was signed by TCH Superintendent Huang Sheng-jean and Okinawa Global Healthcare Association Chairman Shiroma Hiroshi, with Health Commissioner Huang Shier-chieg serving as the witness.


In the future, the association will tap upon TCH’s vast experience in community medical treatment to work on similar approaches in Okinawa. The two parties will collaborate on issues spanning in-home care, social hospice and palliative care, and talent training program.


Superintendent Huang pointed out that TCH continues to proactively develop “high-value healthcare services” and “community humanistic medical care” in an interest to create a healthcare system with warmth. After the inking of the agreement, the two parties will set up a collaboration platform, centered on the principles of community integration, medical and healthcare, and humanistic care.


Chairman Shiroma noted that he was moved by the achievements of TCH in community-base and in-home care, as well as its community-based palliative and hospice services, which he hopes to bring back and promote in Okinawa. He looks forward to future collaborations and creating a win-win scenario for both sides by nurturing exceptional healthcare talents for Taiwan and Japan.