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North Gate Plaza Wins Public Construction Award

North Gate Plaza Wins Public Construction AwardWith the announcement of the winners of the 18th Public Construction Golden Quality Award on December 18, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) brought home the top honor with its effort in the overhaul of North Gate and surrounding area.
Director Huang Li-yuan remarked that a total of 42 cases among 63 submissions from across the nation won the awards this year. This is also the fourth award claimed by the North Gate Plaza Landscaping Project in 2018, following recognitions by the city government’s Public Construction Excellence Award, AAPME Awards 2018, and the Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award.
According to Huang, the redesigning of North Gate’s surrounding in the city government’s Western District Gateway Project, and has an impact upon the initial impression of visitors. Freed from the daunting overpasses overshadowing the historical building, North Gate has now become a cultural landscape boasting 3 times the area before. 
Chief Hung of PSLO pointed out that the task of excavating and landscaping near the historical structure is quite challenging, forcing it to make decisions on how to preserve unearthed wall structures without affecting construction works. Furthermore, special attention is dedicated to maintain traffic and pedestrian flow in the surrounding, as well as tracking the whereabouts of electric and other utility pipelines below the surface to ensure work safety.
With the intention of transforming North Gate into a historical landscape similar to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the project successfully connected other historical buildings in the area – Mitsui Warehouse, Taipei Post Office, Futai Street Mansion, and Ministry of Railway Office – into forming a kind of “urban museum zone” for the Taipei’s west district.