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Undiscovered Taipei Instagram Photo Showcase Kicks-off at City Hall

The Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) is holding an exhibition showcasing submitted photos to its Instagram account at the central lobby of city hall between November 22 and 27.
To promote Taipei Travel Net’s Instagram account and encourage photo submission by the public, the exhibition has chosen “Undiscovered Taipei” as the theme to promote local scenes and stories which differ from those that appear on the city government’s campaign and advertisements.
In addition to the regular shots of well-known destinations such as Taipei 101 and the North Gate, the exhibition featured photos from a different perspective, such as the flower-ridden landscape of Yangmingshan and Dadaocheng Wharf in the fading lights of sunset. For those interested in taking selfies, the organizer has set up a large-size Instagram selfie frame at the venue.
According to TPEDOIT Commissioner Chen Su-yu, the Taipei Travel Net Instagram photo submission activity has accumulated over 6,000 photos. She promised that there will be more submission categories in the future, and submissions by the public will appear on a wide range of platforms, such as MRT Ad Boxes and Taipei Pictorial magazine.
To encourage submissions, individuals who submit photos featuring scenes from Taipei City before December 9 and tagged with “#你所未見的台北” will have a chance to win limited edition postcard sets and special calendars.
Link to Taipei Travel Net’s IG account: https://www.instagram.com/taipeitravel/?hl=zh-tw
Link to Undiscovered Taipei Magazine Front Cover Generator: https://www.travel.taipei/undiscoveredtaipei/
Undiscovered Taipei Instagram Photo Showcase Kicks-off at City Hall