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​TCPD Traffic Division Directs Short Film to Promote Pedestrian Safety

    In order to instill road users with the “pedestrian right of way” mindset, the TCPD Traffic Division has recently published a mini-movie titled “The Rights of Passage”(video link: https://youtu.be/S2lwW82Roc4), which features mock scenarios involving both unruly motorcyclists and pedestrians, with the goal being to educate the public on the traffic safety concepts of “Reduce, Reassess and Repose” through the utilization of humorous plotlines and dialogue.

    According to the TCPD’s statistics, a total of 27 level A1 (instant fatality or fatal within 24 hours) pedestrian-related traffic accidents took place in Taipei City for the whole of 2019, with the leading causes being “Vehicle intrusion into pedestrian walkways” and “Driver’s negligence”, both of which account for two-thirds of all such cases. With the target audience in mind, the TCPD Traffic Division began filming of “The Rights of Passage” mini-movie, enlisting officers from Xinyi Precinct to re-enact everyday traffic scenarios, sprinkled with a touch of exaggeration, in order to remind vehicle drivers to slow down and reaffirm their surroundings while passing intersections (“Reduce, Reassess and Repose”), and also keep a “Car’s-width” distance between them and pedestrians, so as to keep traffic safety available to all parties.

    The TCPD Traffic Division would like to not only advise drivers to yield right of way to pedestrians, but for the latter to also stay in a state of constant vigilance while in the midst of traffic, and pay attention to potential vehicular blind spots, the difference of the radii between inner wheels, and the circumstances of the road in general. Only with the correct mindsets ingrained within both drivers and pedestrians can the overall safety of Taipei City’s traffic environment be secured.