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Warmhearted MRT Police Helps Starving Woman Lying On Train Platform

     On October 26, 2018, as Chun-Yu Hsu, an officer of the TCPD Rapid Transit Division, was carrying out patrol duty in the coach, someone reported that a woman was lying on a chair in Minquan W. Rd station, seemingly needing help. When the officer quickly arrived at the scene, she found that the woman was so hungry that she was suffering from hypoglycemia. At first, the woman neither provided any information nor consented to go to the doctor. However, Due to the officer’s patience and sincere care, the woman was eventually willing to present her Elderly Card and provide the contact information on one of her family members.

      As the woman was too hungry to walk, the officer bought some bread and soybean milk for the woman to eat from the nearby convenience store. Moreover, the officer presently contacted the woman’s brother and accompanied her to the exit of Minquan W. Rd station to wait for him. Ultimately, the woman smoothly met her brother, and he deeply thanked the officer’s warmhearted efforts in assisting her to go home.

      TCPD Rapid Transit Division would like to advise commuters to pay attention to their physical condition. If you feel unwell, you should avoid taking the MRT alone in order to ensure your own safety.