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Nangang precinct Busts Father and Son Drug Cartel

    In an effort to enforce anti-drug tactics, the Nangang Precinct of the TCPD has formed a special program to strike drug cartels at their source, expecting to thus decrease the harm drugs cause on the individual as well as society.

    Members of the Nangang Precinct Special Task Force cooperated with the First Squadron of the NPA’s Third Investigation Division and the Keelung, Taoyuan, New Taipei City and Railroad Police Departments to bust a drug cartel run by a father and son surnamed Chen. Extended periods of investigation revealed that the suspect, Chen, sold narcotics with his father Chen Senior, and employed 2 lackeys surnamed Li and He to transport and sell the drugs all over the country. The Joint Task Force referred the case to the Keelung District Prosecutors’ Office immediately after acquiring the information. Under the command of prosecutor Xiao, and armed with search and arrest warrants, the police surrounded and apprehended both father and son as well as their two lackeys on May 8th, discovering seven other drug users in addition during the raid. 2 bags of heroin weighing 1.19 grams, 31 bags of amphetamines weighing 614 grams, 6 drug inhalers, 3 electronic scales, 8 cellphones used for drug deals, and NT 1,300,000 were discovered at the scene. The case has been referred to the Keelung District Prosecutors’ Office for further investigation.