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Korean Traffic Law Enforcers Visit the TCPD

     In order to engage in discourse upon the topics of traffic law enforcement and accident prevention, 27 Korean police officers under the lead of Superintendent Park Myeong-Gyu visited the Taipei City Police Department’s Traffic Division on December 3.
    The Koreans dished out numerous points of discussion with the Traffic Division, delving especially deep into Taipei City’s existing traffic policies and the best practices in regards to accident prevention among the elderly and small children. In answer, the TCPD cited the usage of special accident-surveillance equipment, coupled with traffic safety promotions both in-campus and on various social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, etc.). Also, the Traffic Division further expounded on the importance of using state-of-the-art technology in modern-day traffic law enforcement, such as the widespread implementation of regional speeding cameras. Both sides also exchanged common experiences in the line of duty, and the Koreans expressed their admiration toward the prudence, vigilance and diligence demonstrated by Taipei City police officers.
     In addition to the session of discussion, the Traffic Division played a mini-movie they’d recently filmed in order to promote traffic safety among elders in Taipei City, and the casting choices of numerous officers in the division incited positive reviews from Superintendent Park, who lauded the film for its creativity and appeal to the citizens of the digital era.
     In conclusion, Commander Chen, Ming-Zhi of the TCPD Traffic Division stated that traffic order and safety are the common goals of police officers all over the world, and that the TCPD would continue to adjust and improve law enforcement practices according to the continual changes in society and technology, so as to provide the citizens of Taipei City with a safe and healthy traffic environment.