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Taipei City Police Department


Removing the Coat of Drugs to Uncover the Truth

In recent years, police have found that drugs are often sold and used, masqueraded in various packages including instant coffee sticks and candies by dealers. Teenagers could easily get tempted to try them and break the law.
In order to prevent teenagers from abusing drugs, the Juvenile Affairs Division of Taipei City Police Department provides teenagers and parents with new information related to the latest drug types and their risks, hoping to strengthen citizens’ sense of self-protection. In late March, the Division actively integrated the relevant divisions in Taipei City government and private groups to conduct campus tour campaigns and parent seminars. In addition, the division organized anti-drug campaign in Dunnan park (Da-Ann Dist.), Songshan Feng-Tian Temple(Xing-Yi Dist.), Fuhsing Temple(Bei-Tou Dist.), Songshan Ciyou Temple (Songshan Dist.), Heping Green Grass Garden(Manka, Wanhua), Taipei Municipal Shijian Junior High School in Wenshan as well as Zheng Chenggong Temple in Waishuangchi, which featured street fairs and challenging games. They aim to teach teenagers and parents to recognize different drug types packages.
During the events, participants were astonished at the sophistication of drug packages. They immediately alerted their children against cute but suspiciously packaged candies, coffee sticks or milk tea powder from friends, especially unfamiliar people. Participants were also keen to ask for anti-drug information, and parents paid serious attention to rejecting drugs, which showed that these promotion campaigns were well-received. The Juvenile Affairs Division of Taipei City Police Department would like to remind our teenage friends of getting to know the risk of drugs and stay away from them.
For more information, please visit our official website (https://goo.gl/th59KW) or Facebook page- Teenagers Follow Me (https://goo.gl/dQpi8q)