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Taipei City Police Department


Commissioner Chen Enters Campuses to Promote Anti-Drug Campaign

    In line with the Executive Yuan’s “New Generation’s Guideline of Anti-Drug Strategy”, the Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) has actively promoted the “Concrete Measures against Drug Abuse”.
    The TCPD contacted the Bureau of Education and schools of all levels to arrange the visits to some campuses for TPCD officers along with the social workers of the Juvenile Development Committee to promote the anti-drug campaign. Commissioner Chen Jia-Chang himself spearheaded the campaign on campuses of several high schools to interact with students before the forthcoming winter vacation. He explained to students the physical and mental impairment caused by drugs and taught them how to reject their temptation. He made teachers and students understand the perils associated with drugs and imparted correct anti-drug knowledge which enabled them to say no to drugs. The whole interaction was warm and the message was pleasantly received.
    In recent days, the police have carried out crackdowns on drugs and have seized many new types of drugs which come in various forms. They vary, including, for example, drugs packaged in coffee bags, or as gummy bears, chocolate, jellies, sour plums and even Rainbow Tobacco, which contain drugs and look like usual snack foods in appearance and content. If consumed unwittingly, they may inflict serious consequences.
     In addition, Commissioner Chen especially promoted the “Eight Tips against Drug Abuse”. He encouraged the youth to courageously turn down drugs offered to them, develop positive hobbies and find the right way to release stress. To show the students how to relieve the stress, Commissioner Chen made an impromptu performance of operatic arias, which greatly impressed students on the spot.
     Finally, Commissioner Chen appealed to those senior high students to “refrain from curiosity, resist temptation and avoid misuse”. He further advised that they should stay away from bad friends and drugs; when encountered with problems related to drugs, they should seek advice from their teachers or parents; if necessary, they also can seek advice and assistance through other correct channels, such as dialing the 1999 hotline “Hello Taipei” or calling the Drug Abuse Prevention Center at 0800-770-885.
     Throughout the campaign activity, commissioner also called on youth not to succumb to greed which would compel them to peddle personal information or bank account numbers or to become money mules to fraud syndicates. This will not only lead to their imprisonment, but also make their parents liable to assume the joint responsibility of paying a large civil compensation.