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Traffic Advisory for the Taiwan International Cultural Festival

    The “Taiwan International Cultural Festival” is to be held on Ketegalan Boulevard in Zhongzheng district on Saturday, April 14th from 00:00 to 22:00. Traffic control measures for the event are as follows:

    Except Gongyuan road and Zhongshan S. road, all eastbound and westbound lanes of Ketegalan Boulevard between Gongyuan and Zhongshan S. roads will be subject to the control measures during the above-mentioned period of time. The control measures may be carried out earlier or extended according to the traffic condition.

    To maintain traffic order and ensure safety during the event, the Zhongzheng First Precinct may enlarge the scope of the area under the control measures if the size of gathering, traffic condition, or the turnout number requires it. To ensure safe and smooth driving, drivers are required to slow down, refrain from illegal parking and conform to the direction of on-site police officers while going through the aforementioned road sections.

    The aforementioned traffic control measures will be updated from time to time by the Police Broadcasting Service and other radio stations. The Zhongzheng First Precinct would like to call on drivers to pay attention to the radio broadcasting on traffic conditions, so they can detour in advance, avoid controlled road sections, and drive safely.