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​TCPD Officer’s Swift Pandemic Response Earns Accolades

 “Only in Taiwan!” was the first thing to come to the mind of Reverend Timothy Conkling, an American clergyman living in Taiwan on the morning of April 23rd, after a bizarre chain of events stirred him during his 14-day household quarantine period after his return from Jakarta. That morning, his monitoring cellphone had turned off on its own after depleting its battery, falsely transmitting an “Unauthorized Outing” signal to the police, who had arrived at his apartment posthaste. Upon understanding the cause of the problem however, Foreign Affairs officer Claudia Tien not only reassured the authorities of Mr. Conkling’s innocence, but also went long lengths to acquire a new cellphone for his usage, earning the Reverend’s gratitude.
  As Mr. Conkling shared on Facebook, he and his wife were shaken from their slumber at 6 AM on the 23rd by a surprise visit from the police and quarantine officers, for his quarantine cellphone had shut down and transmitted an “Unauthorized Outing” warning signal. Mr. Conkling hurriedly explained that due to malfunctions in the hardware, the cellphone batteries had proved unable to recharge, thus causing the predicament.
Foreign Affairs Police Officer Claudia Tien, who was in charge of Mr. Conkling’s quarantine, hurried therefore to help with replacing the broken phone. In under 2 hours, she had produced a new cellphone for the Reverend’s usage, astonishing him with her alacrity and efficiency. Such warm actions stirred Mr. Conkling’s memory, and he reminisced how at the start of his quarantine, Claudia had asked him over the phone if there was anything he needed. At the time, he had answered in jest that some chocolate would be optimal; yet to his pleasant surprise, Claudia really appeared at his doorstep with some confectionaries.
“First chocolates, then a new cell phone! What will it be next!!! Only in Taiwan.”Mr. Conkling could only remark, showing to the world once again the warmhearted service provided by officers of the TCPD.