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Taipei City Police Department


Police Enforce Traffic Order during “Chinese New Year Market” Event

As the Chinese New Year Holiday approaches and envelops Taipei City in a festive cheer, the “2018 Taipei New Year Markets” are set during the period from January 1 to March 4 at five major shopping areas in Taipei City (Dihua Street, Huayin street, Back-Station, Underground and Ninxia night market shopping districts). Starting from February 1 to 14. During the event, section one of Dihua Street (from Guisui Street to Nanjing West Road intersections) will be subject to traffic control, restricting vehicles from entry; conditional one-way traffic controls will also be imposed on Minle Street.

Commissioner Chen, Jia-Chang of the TCPD sees having orderly traffic flow a critical task for days leading up to the Chinese New Year, and demanded Deputy Commissioner Tsai, Yau-kun and Superintendent Jiang, Tsu-Pei of the Traffic Division to personally oversee the traffic enforcements on the first day of the New Year Market Dihua Street. To deal with the hustle and bustle of the marketplace, the TCPD has planned suitable traffic control measures for roads around the Dihua shopping district, restricting illegal parking, enforcing tow-away and increasing traffic situation reports on Minsheng West Road, Yanping North Road, Huanhe North Road, Guisui Street, Citizen Boulevard, Chongqing North Road and Zhongxiao West Road, thus making sure the roads remain clear and functional. A mobile police station will also be set up on Dihua street and Nanjing West Road intersection to regulate traffic flow and provide public services during the Chinese New Year Market event.

Due to limited numbers of parking spaces around shopping event zones, the TCPD encourages citizens to take public transportation, while drivers will be required to comply with on-site traffic signs, keep intersections clear of traffic, and to refrain from parking illegally so as to ensure a safe and smooth traffic environment.