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Taipei City Police Department


Traffic Control and Advisory for Taipei New Year's Eve Countdown Party

    The Taipei City Government is going to hold the Taipei New Year's Eve Countdown Party from 19:00 on December 31, 2017 to 1:00 on January 1, 2018. It is projected that tens of thousands of people will turn out to participate in the party, so in a bid to ensure traffic order and safety, the Taipei City Police Department has drawn up the following measures to control and direct traffic in line with the “Traffic Maintenance and Control Project”:

  • Traffic control measures will be imposed on some sections of Shifu and Shinrenai Roads for the erecting and taking down of the stage, starting from December 25, 2017:
  1. Five lanes on the east side of Shifu Road between Songso and Songgao Roads will be closed from 0:00 to 22:00 on Monday, December 25.
  2. Five lanes on the east side of Shifu Road between Songso and Songgao Roads and the whole of Shinrenai Road will be closed from 22:00 on Monday, December 25 to 24:00 on Wednesday, December 27.
  3. All lanes of Shifu Road between Songso and Songgao Roads and Shinrenai Road will be closed from 0:00 on Thursday, December 28 to 06:00 on Tuesday, January 2.
  • The traffic control measures for the Taipei New Year's Eve Countdown Party will be divided into three stages of control. For controlled periods and areas, please refer to the “Countdown Party 3-stage Traffic Control Diagram”.
    The Taipei City Government has planned three shuttle bus lines to transport people from the party; their service time, routes and pick-up areas are shown on the “Exit Shuttle Bus Pick-up Points and Routes Diagram”. Parking slots in the pick-up and control areas will be sealed off from 17:00 on December 31, 2017 until 3:00 on January 1, 2018; illegally parked vehicles will be towed away or removed during that period of time.
    Since the parking spaces around the perimeter of the event venue are limited, and parking lots and roadside parking slots in the control areas will be placed under control, we would like to advise that citizens who plan to participate in the party take the bus, MRT or other public transportation; the Police Broadcasting Service and other radio services will interrupt their programs from time to time with updates on road conditions or traffic control measures on the day. Drivers moving along roads around the control areas should slow down or take an alternative route, and follow the instructions or directions of police officers or traffic auxiliary police at intersections. Enlarged diversion areas and detours are shown in the diagram, and suggested detours are as follows:
  • East/West-bound traffic: To detour, take Minquan E./W. Road, Nanjing E./W. Road, Bade Road, Civic Boulevard or Heping E./W. Road.
  • North/South-bound traffic: To detour, take Jianguo N./S. Road, Fuxing N./S. Road, Dunhua N./S. or Songshan Road.
  • From 20:00 on Saturday, December 31, Keelung Road Underpass will be reserved for emergency response vehicles only but the long tunnel of Keelung road for northbound traffic will remain open. From 22:00 on the same day, entry and exit control will be imposed on all vehicles.
  • From 22:00 on December 31, the use of overpasses will be restricted as follows:
  1. Ramps leading to Keelung Road from Huandong and Tiding Boulevards will be closed, so drivers are advised to detour by heading west along Civic Boulevard 1from Zhenqi Bridge.
  2. Ramps leading to Leye Street from Keelung Overpass will be closed, so northbound drivers are advised to detour by using ramps that lead to Dunhua S. Road.
  3. Shifu Road will be closed, so vehicles from Xinyi Expressway will be allowed to turn right to Songde Road only.
  4. At Civic Boulevard and Guangfu S. Road intersection, eastbound vehicles from Civic Boulevard Overpass are not allowed to turn right into Guangfu S. Road.