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Warmhearted Officer Helps Turkish Backpackers Recover Smartphone

    Officer Chen, Chien-Ming of the Changan Police Station, Beitou Precinct was on duty at 15:00 on March 3rd, when a foreign couple barged into the station, reporting frantically that they’d lost a smartphone. Using Basic English, Officer Chen was able to confirm that they were tourists from Turkey, and that the girl, Aslihan, had left her smartphone on the bus that ferried them to the YangMingShan Flower Festival. She was so destitute and desperate to find her mobile device that she broke into tears.

    Taking on the case, Officer Chen started by reviewing video surveillance footage of the bus routes, and called the bus service dispatch center, only to discover that more than ten drivers were on duty for the Flower Festival. After preliminary inquiries with multiple bus drivers proved fruitless, Officer Chen recorded the couple’s contact information, and bade them return to their hotel for some rest and to prepare for their return trip to Turkey the next day.

Aslihan at this time was all but ready to give up, yet at last Officer Chen’s perseverance paid off. A phone call with the service stationmaster confirmed that the smartphone in question was in the safekeeping of one of their drivers, who promised to send it back to the dispatch center as soon as possible. Officer Chen thus went in advance to collect the phone at the center.

   When the police broke the good news to Aslihan, her gratitude was entirely visible; it was as if she’d been relieved of a mighty burden, and she could not stop thanking Officer Chen and expressing her awe toward the diligence and dedication of the Taiwanese Police Force. Aslihan went so far as to say that had the incident happened in Turkey, the smartphone would have been gone for good. Amongst tears of joy and goodwill, the couple departed, thanking the police for their warmhearted assistance.  

    The maxim of the Good Samaritan that Taiwan Police uphold, coupled with the friendly atmosphere possessed by the Taiwanese people, has left a deep impression on Aslihan and her boyfriend. Public Service is a mission without boundaries, and through this successful recovery mission, the police has yet again accomplished a perfect example of Individual Diplomacy.