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​​Online Methods Promoted for Criminal Record Certificate Application During Coronavirus Pandemic

    The TCPD has the issued the most Police Criminal Record Certificates (CRC) out of the major cities in Taiwan, with over 150 thousand applicants in 2019 alone. In Taipei, citizens are able to utilize up to five options, both online and in-person, to file an application, and the efficiency of the service (citizens without prior criminal records may receive their certificates in under 2 hours) has long been lauded by the public. However, in lieu of the recent Coronavirus pandemic outbreak and the countermeasures initiated by the central government, the TCPD will suspend over-the-counter applications for the CRC starting Thursday, April 9, in compliance with social distancing guidelines.
    The TCPD suggests that citizens utilize the online application system, as its accessibility and convenience greatly reduces time spent waiting on-site, as well as streamlining relevant procedures. Also, the TCPD will be adjusting issuance times of the CRC to 2 days after receiving application, as per Article 5 of the “Act Governing Issuance of Police Criminal Record Certificates”; therefore it is advised that interested citizens apply in advance.
    For related information on online application methods for the CRC, please consult the NPA, Taipei City Government or the TCPD’s official websites. For any further inquiries, please dial the TCPD hotline at 02-23817494 or 02-23752105 between 8:30 and 17:00 during the week. The TCPD would like to thank citizens for understanding and abiding to pandemic countermeasures; one for all and all against Coronavirus.