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Police Enforce “Social Decency Program” and Utilize “Third Party Policing” to Great Effect

    In order to purge sexual indecency and gambling arcades in Taipei City, and to ensure a safe recreational environment for teenagers during the summer vacation, the TCPD has recently enacted the “Social Decency Program”, targeting night clubs, masseuses or other establishments under suspicion of offenses against sexual morality or operating illegal gambling machines in an effort to elevate social safety standards.

    The “Social Decency Program” has to date uncovered 36 cases of offenses against sexual morality and 3 cases of operating illegal gambling machines. For establishments under suspicion of mediating prostitution and providing gambling arcade hardware, the TCPD will utilize a “Third Party Policing” strategy, combining the efforts of multiple government departments to administer fines according to their respective jurisdictions in order to achieve the maximum possible effect and safeguard social security.

    The purging of sexual indecency and gambling arcades has always been a core policy for the Taipei City Government, and since 1999 the City Government has instated the “Social Decency Program Execution Guidelines”, which combined the executive powers of separate government agencies to punish unlawful establishments. Moreover, statistics show that under the intense scrutiny of government agencies, penalties of cutting off water and electricity have been administered to a total of 58 businesses, surpassing past results and displaying the government’s determination to enforce the law. The City Government and the TCPD will continue to carry out the “Social Decency Program” and practice “Third Party Policing” in order to eradicate sexual indecency, gambling arcades and drug-afflicted establishments to effectively suppress crime.