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TCPD Displays Hardened Determination to Combat Organized Crime

    In accordance with the NPA’s directive of combatting organized crime and illegal firearms possession, the TCPD has bolstered crackdown measures on local gangs to maintain social order in Taipei City. Utilizing the “Systemic Strategy against Organized Crime”, the department has turned out significant results in its war against gang activity, targeting gang members, cash flow and cover establishments.
    Recent gunshot incidents in Taipei city have all been solved through the unyielding efforts of local precincts, and follow-up measures such as tracing the source of the crime and integration of key investigative intelligence will be carried out in order to prevent future cases of violence. The TCPD has also asked all precincts to invest superior manpower and intensify raids and security checks on known locations frequented by gangsters and crime hotspots, as well as promote self-awareness among local management, so as to prevent inebriated scuffles amongst customers.
    To strengthen measures against street brawls, thereby suppressing unwarranted gang bravado, the TCPD has enacted the “3 Offensive Measures to Combat Organized Crime”, which include targeting syndicate leaders responsible of abetting extortion, street fighting and violent debt collection, forming proactive investigation task forces to establish culpability, and enhancing evidence collection to improve the chances of putting criminals under custody.

    Syndicates that abuse situations such as festival seasons, funerals or anniversary celebrations in order to publically dress up in mafia-invoking colors, display flags with gang symbols or blatantly rally under guise of fake corporation names will all be subject to violating the Organized Crime Prevention Act. The TCPD will tightly supervise, prohibit, amplify countermeasures to these actions, and prosecute them according to the law. Commissioner Chen, Jia-Chang will also like to remind the public to steer clear of gang activity, and that joining, investing in or recruiting for criminal organizations are considered illegal actions. He would also like to promote the “3 Maxims against Gang Activity”, which are “Do not adulate them”, “Do not join them” and  "Do not ask for their help.”
    Public security and social safety is a joint venture, and the TCPD would like to thank all parties involved for their help in the battle against organized crime.