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Taipei City Police Department


Police Bust Call-Girl Rings Using Communication Apps to Offer a Catalogue

    To execute Sweeping operations against prostitution, the Wanhua precinct of the TCPD has carried out a comprehensive sweeping operation against prostitution within its jurisdiction. After a long period of surveillance, with a search warrant issued by the Taipei District Court, on March 2018, the precinct along with the Taipei Military Police Department of the Military Police Command raided a hotel on Kunming Street in Wanhua district, in which they apprehended a pimp, customers and 11 prostitutes, totaling 14. These 11 prostitutes were Thai women who entered Taiwan in the name of tourism. All of them were taken back to the precinct for questioning.
     By collecting evidence through patrolling the Internet and checking “Escort apps”, the Wanhua precinct had discovered that call girls rings increasingly used the communication app LINE to solicit customers. Pimps placed prostitution ads online. They posted call-girl photos and their information, including ages, measurements, service scope and prices, for prospective customers to decide their pick, which attracted johns to conduct sexual transactions. The rate for each transaction ranged from 3,200 to 4,000 NT dollars. As the raid was being carried out, police discovered sexual transaction was underway, involving a john and a Thai woman in room, where the ring operator surnamed Chen was collecting the payment and giving out condoms, lubricants and other items needed in the transaction. They were arrested on the spot, along with ten other Thai call girls. The police also seized the smartphones of the ring operators, lubricants, condoms and 20,000 NT dollars obtained from the transaction at the scene. 14 offenders were taken back to the precinct for questioning. 11 offenders including Chen and all call girls were referred to the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office for further investigation on charges of sex offense. The Thai girls would be transferred to the Taipei Brigade of the National Immigration Agency for detention before their deportation after being punished in accordance with the Social Order Maintenance Act.
    The Wanhua Precinct of the TCPD vows to crack down on the illegal sex trade persistently in the Ximen commercial area to maintain social morality and the quality of tourism.