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Enthusiastic Citizens Complimented at the Public Safety Conference for Their Success in Helping Thwart Fraud Attempts

At the November 2018 public safety conference, Deputy Mayor Deng awarded and commended warmhearted bank clerks for their vigilance and success in thwarting fraud attempts.

On September 12, a citizen went to the Mucha District Post Office and was about to make a withdrawal of 500,000 NT dollars when Ms. Huang, a clerk of said branch, inquired as to the purpose of the money. Noticing that the citizen was probably scammed, she immediately reported to the TCPD for help in persuading the citizen out of withdrawing, thus successfully protecting his property. Another case involved a citizen entering Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Nanmen Branch for over-the-counter withdrawal of 500,000 NT dollars on September 26, after receiving a phone call from a fake government institution. Ms. Xie, a manager of said branch, sensed that something was wrong and alertly called TCPD officers to the scene and explained to the citizen that it was the scam. Because of Ms. Xie’s enthusiasm and vigilance, the citizen’s property was prevented from falling into the hands of a fraud ring.

    From September to October this year, ten other alert bank clerks also noticed possible fraud attempts when citizens entered banks for over-the-counter service. They took care of the citizens and called in the police to help them dissuade people from remitting or withdrawing their money, successfully safeguarding the people’s property. Deputy Mayor Deng commended their enthusiasm and endeavors for the safety of Taipei city. He also gave his appreciation to each financial institution and expressed his hope that all citizens would join the fight against fraud.

Furthermore, people and the police should work together to do their part in the prevention of fraud in Taipei city, making Taipei city a prosperous city full of peace and happiness.

    The following are the names and banks of employment of the ten other bank clerks awarded and commended at the ceremony:

  1. Mr. Chen, Taiwan Cooperative Bank Shuanglian Branch
  2. Ms. Wei, King's Town Bank Songshan Branch
  3. Ms. Xie, Liuzhangli District Post Office
  4. Mr. Xiao and Xie, Cathay United Bank Datong Branch
  5. Ms. Tsai, Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Xihu Branch
  6. Ms. Fang, CTBC Bank Tianmu Branch
  7. Ms. Li , King's Town Bank Taipei Branch
  8. Ms. Hsu, Yushan Bank
  9. Ms. Yu, Bank of Taiwan Nangang Branch.