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Warmhearted Police Officer Helps Disabled Citizen Find His Way Home

      On January 16, 2019, as Chen Bo-Wei, an officer of the Wenshan First Precinct TCPD, and a substitute civilian serviceman named Zhang Cheng-Kai were carrying out patrol duty, they received a report from Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation that a man had seemingly got lost in the MRT station. When they quickly arrived at the scene, they found that the man (Mr. Xiao) was mentally disabled and that other than being capable of partially articulating his name, he was unable to recall any personal information.   

      Seeing that Mr. Xiao wore only a thin shirt on such a cold day, the police immediately brought him back to the police station and offered some warming foods to prevent him from catching a cold. Because he could provide neither useful information nor identification, the police was left with using his approximate age as a clue to filter possible photos and names from hundreds of documentation. Finally, the police confirmed his identity by photo comparison, and they used the contact information written in the file to connect his mother.

       It was learned that the man had went shopping with his mother at Xinyi District; however, longing to go to the Taipei city zoo, he had went to take the MRT by himself. Thanks to warmhearted citizens who contacted the authorities for assistance, he was now safe and sound. His relatives also showed their appreciation and recognition to the police.

       The Wenshan First Precinct would like to remind that in the case of elderly or disabled people who are at high risk of getting lost, citizens can apply for an tracing bracelet from Taipei City Government’s Department of Social Welfare, or place identification or relatives’ contact information in their pockets so as to aid police officers in promptly identifying them and contacting family members as soon as possible.