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TCPD Busts Gang Members in a Nationwide Sweeping Operation

    In line with the nine-in-one elections, to be held near the end of this year, including elections for mayors and council members of special municipalities, and elections for mayors and council members of counties and cities, the National Police Agency of the Ministry of the Interior has been persistently focusing on fighting gangsters who might use violence to get involved in protests or to meddle in other public issues under the name of political parties or particular groups and started to carry out a sweeping operation throughout the country in order to prevent criminal gangs from using violence to intervene in the elections and affect their results in order to ensure a safe society before the elections. The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Taipei City Police Department (TCPD)has set up a task force and successfully busted a violent, drug-trafficking organization led by a man surnamed Yeh who was a member of the Peace Group of the “United Bamboo Gang” aka “Bamboo Union”.
    In the middle of 2017, the CID was tipped off that Peace Group members nicknamed Amin and An were purportedly selling ketamine, a third grade drug, in Wenshan district, Taipei City. They used violence and threats to settle disputes arising from drug transactions and used the power of their gang to recruit teenagers who engaged in violence. These gang members identified each other on the cellphones by using characters such as bamboo and peace. The case was referred to prosecutor Zhong, Wei-Han of the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office for further investigation. Under his command, a task force, composed of officers from the 5th squadron of the CID, the Neihu, Nangang, Xinyi, Wenshan First and Second precincts, apprehended gangsters including Yeh on May 1st this year after a long period of investigation.
    During the investigation, the police discovered that Yeh, aside from selling drugs, had ordered and abetted several groups to engage in violent acts. Also, he had been involved in numerous brawls and had caused bodily harm to others in Wenshan district. In September last year, due to a feud resulting from a dispute between his gang’s members and others, he led a group of gangsters to Sanxia district, New Taipei City, to seek revenge. At the scene, he ignited a signal flare out of furor. Yeh also led another group of gangsters to attack people with knives, a flagrant act that was beyond belief. The task force of the TCPD has rounded up all members of this criminal organization and successfully disbanded it. The entire case has been referred to the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office on charges of acts that violated the Organized Crime Prevention Act, the Anti-Drugs Act, or acts that constituted the offenses of intimidation for property and assault.