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Taipei City Police Department


MRT Police Helps Lost Filipinos Find Their Way  

    The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Police of the TCPD have won praise from the public for continuously increasing public safety, providing services to the public and offering assistance to two lost Filipinos during the Chinese New Year Holiday.

    Deputy captain Wang, Zhi-Zhong (王子忠) and officer Zhang, Ya-Ting (張雅婷) of the Third Team of the  MRT Police were patrolling the MRT Wenhu line when they spotted two foreign women wandering in the Technology Building station concourse frantically, asking for directions from passersby in a foreign tongue. Officer Zhang immediately went forward and asked in English if they needed assistance. She found that the two women had name tags hung around their necks reading “International Chinese-Speaking Conference”, and inquiries revealed that they were Filipinos who had come to Taiwan to participate in a church event. However, neither able to speak Chinese nor carrying cellphones, they could not reach the event organizers and therefore became lost. Luckily one of the women had in her possession a business card belonging to one of the organizers. After extensive calls, the police reached Mr. Jiang. As the conference was soon to begin, Mr. Jiang could not come and pick up the two foreigners, and they had to head toward the destination themselves. As the two Filipinos knew little of MRT routes and therefore were in need of help badly, Officer Zhang volunteered to escort them to the conference venue near Daan Forest Park station to meet the organizers.

    Public services constitute a cornerstone of police work, and the MRT Police, aside from maintaining security and serving the public, also actively provide assistance to those in need of help to ensure safe transportation during Chinese New Year Holiday.