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Migrant Worker Apprehended After 10-Year Overstay

    A foreign male approached the roadside checkpoint manned by four officers of the TCPD Mobile Division at the Keelung Rd. and Tingzhou Rd. intersection (Wenshan District) on February 17. He initially answered the officers’ inquiries calmly, but as the police let him pass through, he suddenly accelerated to leave the scene. Sensing something amiss, the officers hastened to catch up.

    After a chase of about one hundred meters, the foreigner, a Vietnamese surnamed Ruan, stopped and explained to the police that he had forgotten to bring his ID, and was simply on his way home after doing some groceries. However, upon hearing that the police were about to fingerprint him for identification, he dropped his calm façade and began finding excuses to leave the scene. At first, he denied having overstayed his visa term, stating that he had only been in Taiwan for little more than a year. The police saw through his lies however, as Ruan commanded near perfect mandarin, and inspection of the suspect’s smartphone communication records revealed multiple illegal employment contracts. It was only at that moment that Ruan confessed to having overstayed in Taiwan for nearly ten years.

    Further inquiries conducted at the Mobile Division headquarters revealed that Mr. Ruan had been missing since March 2009, overstaying his visa term limit by 3,633 days. He confessed to the police that during his time as an illegal immigrant, he’d worked odd jobs all over the country, and despite having some brief run-ins with the police, had never been caught. His luck ran out however under the vigilance of the members of the Mobile Division. Resigned to a fate of repatriation according to the regulations, Mr. Ruan was referred to the authorities concerned under charges of violating the Immigration Act and the Employment Services Act.
    The TCPD would like to remind wannabe employers that migrant workers need to meet certain qualifications and be sanctioned by the Executive Yuan’s Council of Labor Affairs. Hiring migrant workers outside legal boundaries is strictly prohibited. If an employer is discovered to have illegally sheltered or employed migrant workers without permission, those whose papers have expired or migrant workers bound by contract to another, the penalty according to the Employment Services Act is 150,000 to 750,000 NT dollars.