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TCPD Apprehends Chinese American Drug Offender

    In April 2018, the Criminal Investigation Division of the TCPD obtained intelligence indicating that a certain returned Chinese American was suspected of illegally planting marijuana. As soon as obtaining this information, the division established a task force and actively started investigation. After prolonged periods of scrutiny, ambush and surveillance directed by a prosecutor of Taiwan Shilin District Prosecutor’s Office, they determined that a famous returned Chinese American surnamed Chi was highly suspected of planting marijuana in his house located in Datong district.

    Cooperating with the Criminal Investigation Bureau and Military Police, the task force carried out a raid on the suspect’s residence on Yanping N. Rd., Datong Dist. on November 7. They apprehended suspect Chi and uncovered his drug manufacturing factory, which contained a grown marijuana plant, 4 grams of finished produce, and a batch of cultivation equipment (a fan, lamp, thermometer, sprinkler, and a makeshift greenhouse).

    The police discovered that suspect Chi was a Chinese American that had settled in the USA for more than twenty years. During his time in America, he had acquired marijuana cultivation techniques through social media and web forums, the consumption of the drug being legal for medical and entertainment uses in some states. After coming back to Taiwan, he took advantage of his girlfriend’s company as a means to obtain planting equipment, and rented a studio together to illegally plant marijuana. The case has been referred to the Taiwan Shilin District Prosecutor’s Office on charges of violating the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act.

    The TCPD will continue to enforce the community drug prevention and juvenile protection programs, and would like to remind the public that the hazards of drug abuse should not be slighted. Furthermore, the CID will also put all efforts into combating illicit drug use, so as to create a peaceful and prosperous society for all Taipei citizens.