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 Officer Uses App to Help Foreign Tourists Find Their Way Around Taipei

   On October 10, 2018, as Yi-Wei Chang, an officer of the TCPD Datong Precinct, was carrying out patrol duty, seven foreign tourists waved their hands and called out to him for help. One of them showed officer Chang a map printed with cultural attractions of Dadaocheng, and inquired in English as of how to get to Chaoyang Tea Park.

   After confirming their needs, officer Chang led them in person to Chaoyang Tea Park and suggested that they download a multilingual APP designed by the Taipei City Government that provides tour information to foreigners in their familiar language. Furthermore, officer Chang also told them that October Tenth was the R.O.C National Day and that they could get the newest information about various related activities with said APP. Following his suggestion, the tourists decided to participate in the National Day Parade.

   Finally, the seven foreign visitors thanked officer Chang for his warmhearted assistance, which helped solve an otherwise sticky situation.