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Police Promote Anti-Drug Directives among Juveniles

    Recently, the Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) has cracked multiple cases of drug dealers hiding narcotics beneath wrappings of popular brand products, such as chocolates, gummy bears and coffee bags, so as to manipulate pre-teens’ sense of curiosity. These substances are not only harmful to the human disposition, but owing to the unclear and mixed compositions of the narcotics, also pose a grave and immediate hazard to unwitting children. In order to prevent the dangers these recent archetypes pose, and to raise awareness among prepubescent teens, the TCPD has initiated according drug fighting directives.
    The TCPD Juvenile Affairs Division stands with wary parents on the frontlines of youth welfare protection, and to address the growing drug problem, social workers from the Division’s youth counseling group has invited elementary school students to take part in the filming of a short film titled “Anti-Drug and Proud”. The promotional film starts from a child’s perspective, and uses colloquial speech to explain existing types of drugs; moreover, it utilizes peer influence among children to promote precise anti-drug concepts, also encouraging them to be vigilant and brave to refuse said narcotics, and thereby save their own lives.
    The promotional video is uploaded onto the TCPD Juvenile Affairs Division’s official Facebook Fan page 「少年花露米」, where related information on juvenile crime prevention are frequently posted. Feel free to stop by and leave a like, and if you would like to know more about drug rehabilitation, please dial 0800-770-885 for free counseling.