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Taipei City Police Department


Shihlin Precinct launched Special Anti-Fraud Campaign

In order to raise public awareness toward crime prevention, Shihlin Precinct rolled out an Anti-Fraud Campaign at garbage collection locations appointed by the Department of Environmental Protection in Shihlin District. The campaign provided the newest information on crime prevention to the public while residents were waiting for the garbage trucks, increasing awareness of self-protection and personal safety.
The campaign team members with the Shilin Precinct handed out anti-fraud leaflets and informed citizens of common scam tricks such as online auction fraud and false cancellation of online shopping installment plans. They educated citizens how to detect a fraud with keywords to prevent citizens from falling into a trap.

The TCPD reminds all citizens to confirm authenticity first when receiving a suspicious phone call or online information. Do not act recklessly or give out personal information carelessly. If you have any questions, you should call 165 for help immediately to prevent yourself from becoming the next victim.