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Taipei City Police Department


Traffic Control Information for 2017 Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, and there will be four days of holiday starting from May 27th to 30th. It is predicted that the bus stops, railway stations and transport hubs will see an increase of passengers and vehicles near these locations in the afternoon on May 26th and by noon on May 30th. To maintain smooth traffic flow during these time periods, the Taipei City Police Department will dispatch officers to 86 major intersections at 15:30, and other intersections at 17:00 on May 26th to regulate traffic until roads are free of congestion. In addition, the TCPD is planning to designate officers to tourist spots, large department stores, shopping malls and other congested areas to facilitate traffic order and ensure smooth traffic movement.
The Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau, Transportation Ministry announced that freeway access will be restricted to cars carrying more than three passengers on National Freeway 1 Southbound, starting from 7:00 to 12:00, May 27th. The followings are restricted access points to the National Freeway 1 in Taipei City: Chongqing N. Rd (southbound), Minzu E. Rd. and Songjiang Rd., Binjiang St. (southbound), Jianguo Expressway (the northbound section before Minquan E. Rd exit), Huanhe N. Rd. (southbound), Sec. 2 Chenggong Rd. (southbound), Xizhi – Wugu Expressway (the southbound sections to Tiding Blvd. exit and Sec. 2 Jiuzong Rd. exit). The TCPD will implement special traffic controls at the above areas and advises citizens to drive carefully and pay attention to this traffic control information.