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Operation Outcomes of the “Juvenile Protection Project”

    During summer vacation, adolescents, spending much time on outside activities, are prone to being victimized or used as accessories to crime. In order to demonstrate intense measures against crime and the determination to protect juveniles, the TCPD has cooperated with the central government to conduct the“Juvenile Protection Project” by utilizing a three-pillared approach, the pillars being: “Eradication of environmental hazards against juvenile growth”, “Prevention of juvenile victimization”, and “Widespread Promotion of crime prevention concepts”.

As of August 26, 2018, 110 cases of narcotics crime concerning 154 people were uncovered, and among them 34 cases concerning 33 people were classified as “Transferring narcotics to juveniles”, and 63 cases concerning 71 people were classified as “manufacturing, transporting, and selling narcotics to juveniles”.

Adolescent drug abuse is the top issue for the police, and the National Police Agency (NPA) has no boundary in sight for its war on drugs. Because the TCPD was not involved in anti-drug performance evaluations last year due to the Summer Universiade, the quotas have been established without penalties this year in order to inspire officers to boost investigative efforts and maximize anti-drug measures, so as to maintain a healthy living environment for adolescents.